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Chief Executive Officer, CEO Nigeria recent survey found out that many of executive readers find academic research to be fuzzy and mostly rooted in theory and old text books. Even some of the best researches tend to be written in a language and format that are hardly useful for executives. The assignment of CEO Nigeria is therefore to bridge such gap by providing a new media outlet that emphasizes application-based content, combined with a “simple to understand” format.

CEO Nigeria provides access to new insights, lessons and case studies to challenges executive assumption rooted in tradition and outdated management thoughts and practices. The key difference with CEO Nigeria magazine is that all published writers are required to frame their findings in formal highlighting executive applications. 

In general CEO Nigeria mission is about celebrating excellence in organizations and giving awards to outstanding CEOs, we showcase chief executives who support their organization’s initiatives by supplying fresh ideas, making tough decision and building strong talent within their organization.

CEO Nigeria is a quarterly magazine for decision makers to inspire, educate and reward decision makers.

CEO Nigeria is a print and online magazine offering an expert platform for CEO knowledge creation and dissemination. CEO Nigeria identifies and publishes management best practices and lessons from the world’s most successful business and government leaders. The magazine provides its executive readers with new perspectives, insights, intelligence, expert opinion, analysis, case studies and value paper to help them address emerging opportunities and challenges. 

CEO Nigeria essentially covers the ten General Management (GM) functions including; Strategy, Leadership, Human Capital, Marketing, Accounting Finance, Operations, IT, Business Law and Economics

Daniel Ailemen
Executive Editor


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