US Election: Donald Trump Orders All Political Appointees, Ambassadors to Resign



US Election: Donald Trump Orders All Political Appointees, Ambassadors to Resign


We all know that the presidential election started on the 3rd November 2020. After the compilation done by the electoral college, Joe Biden emerged as the winner of the just concluded US Presidential Election which was as a result of high number of votes therefore defeating the Donald Trump who is representing the Republicans. But Trump is not certified with the result as he claimed that the result were not legit, but were manipulated.
The White House has finally asked thousands of President Donald Trump’s political appointees to resign,” According to Washington Post.

Those who were appointed during the rule of Donald ranging from the ambassador down to schedulers are to give the resignation letters before the Inauguration day of Joe Biden.

An email was sent to a White House directive yesterday being Thursday 7th of January 2021 to make announce to all Head agencies about the resignation of political appointees before January 20th 2021 being the Inauguration date of the president elect Joe Biden.

Chris Liddell the Deputy White House Chief of Staff gave out the order and also have been in charge of the handing of arrangement with the Biden's team.

The call for appointees resignations followed Trump’s statement early Thursday that there would be an orderly transfer of power come January 20.

It's part of the United States constitution that all outgoing administration are mandated to give out this order of resignation to all appointees.

The request was decline in the Trump's administration because of the rejection of the outcome of Result by Trump, which he filed a flurry of court case which he challenged the outcome of the election result, therefore saying it was a fraud.