Task Systems Appoints Gozy Ijogun, As CEO  " /> Task Systems Appoints Gozy Ijogun, As CEO  ">

CEO News ; Task Systems Appoints Gozy Ijogun, As CEO 

Task Systems Appoints Gozy Ijogun, As CEO 

© Task Systems Appoints Gozy Ijogun, As CEO 
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Task Systems Limited has appointed 25 old Mrs. Gozy Ijogun as it's new Chief Executive Officer, CEO.

Ijogun, holds a degree in Chemistry from University College, London, a Master of Science degree in Accounting, Organizations and Institutions from the London School of Economics.

She has altered the digital roadmap of the nation by launching the first structured mobile devices distribution company in Nigeria, TD-Mobile.

Defying all odds, Ijogun delivered a whopping N38bn in her first year with just 7 staff members. At the launch of this ambitious project at Eko Hotel in 2013, which was witnessed by many CEOs from the Banking and Manufacturing sectors and Senior Executives of major mobile device OEMs, Mrs. Ijogun was clear on her mandate to structure and disrupt the sector.

This young enterprising lady summarized her speech that night by saying she was in Nigeria to add value to emerging tech products and complimentary services and was determined to succeed. It was a simple speech with great confidence. One year later, she delivered more than investors expected. Within a few years, her company, TD-Mobile which was technically a startup was appointed Authorized Distributors by major mobile devices brands in the world – Nokia, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Apple Inc etc.

With her very outstanding performance, TD-Mobile was now integrated into TD Africa Distributions Ltd., the pioneer and leading technology distribution company in Sub-Saharan Africa, representing over 25 global brands like MICROSOFT, IBM, HP, CISCO, LENOVO, DELL, ASUS, SAMSUNG, just to mention a few.

Mrs Ijogun, widely renowned as an astute and thorough- bred professional, rose to the position of Managing Director in a short period. Her strong leadership traits were complemented with consistent performance, both in capacity building and growth in revenue, profitability and market share.

She introduced a lot of ICT solution products which has placed TD Africa as a distinguished solution-focused Tech Distribution company in the continent. TD Africa also launched creative financing to support the huge network of African Resellers. In a continent marred by volatilities and inconsistencies in policies, access to working capital made possible by TD AFRICA empowered many businesses and birthed thousands more.

Effective, April 1st, 2023, Mrs. Ijogun was appointed the CEO of Task Systems Ltd, an ICT Solutions Company with a clear mandate to be the leading technology company in Africa. Task Systems was launched 36 years ago and has been a pioneer in the tech sector, pioneering a lot of innovative ICT solutions in the Oil, Banking, Media and Multi-media, Manufacturing and Public sectors with over 27 global awards to her credit.

Task Systems has been the support solutions backbone for many companies in Nigeria in the late 90s till date. At a time, Task Systems had over 257 tech professionals deployed in major companies like Shell, Chevron, Total PLC.

A Global Citizen with major senior Management courses attended at global institutions like Harvard, she is also a digital native and one of the brains behind This is Me – a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) drive spearheaded by TD Africa and supported by major multinational corporates which focuses on lending greater engagement and support for the voiceless, physically challenged and other vulnerable members of the society as means of restoring their dignity and helping them achieve their innate potential.

Mrs. Gozy Ijogun is married and blessed with three lovely kids.

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