CEO News ; Iba Kingdom, Monarch Emerges New Road Transport Union Chairman In Lagos

Iba Kingdom, Monarch Emerges New Road Transport Union Chairman in Lagos

© Iba Kingdom, Monarch Emerges New Road Transport Union Chairman in Lagos
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Oba Sulamon Adeshina Raji, Iba monarch Adesina

The paramount ruler of Iba Kingdom has assumed office as the new chairman of the Lagos State Branch of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN).

This pivotal change in leadership came after the association’s activities in Lagos were halted for more than a year.

The inauguration of Oba Adeshina and his executive team took place in Abuja on Thursday, marked by the presence of the association’s National Executive Council.

It signaled a fresh start for RTEAN in Lagos State, following a challenging period of suspension that lasted over 15 months.

The Federal Government’s timely intervention played a crucial role in resolving the deadlock, paving the way for this new chapter.

During the inauguration ceremony, Musa Maitakobi, President of RTEAN, took the opportunity to address the newly elected executives.

He emphasized the imperative to maintain order and professionalism in their roles.

“I want all of you to know that it is our duty to eradicate hooliganism or thuggery in any motor park throughout the federation. But please keep peace; that is the solution to achieve your aim,” Maitakobi stated.

He urged the members to embrace peaceful resolutions over protests or violent behavior.

Maitakobi also directed his expectations toward Oba Adeshina, entrusting him with the immediate task of resolving any lingering issues within the Lagos State branch of RTEAN.

He stressed the significance of peaceful coexistence within the association to foster progress and stability.

In his acceptance speech, Oba Adeshina conveyed his joy and gratitude for the trust placed in him by being elected as chairman.

He highlighted the necessity of unity and teamwork for a successful and dispute-free tenure.

“I pledge to do my best and carry RTEAN to a higher level. I plead for all the members and executives to work together as one family,” Oba Adeshina declared, setting a tone of collaboration for his term in office.

With Oba Adeshina at the helm of RTEAN in Lagos, stakeholders anticipate a period of enhanced coordination and development in the road transport sector.

His leadership is expected to drive the association towards realizing its goals and improving the welfare of its members


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