CEO News ; Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr: A Toast To An Incredible Humanist At 71

Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr: A Toast To An Incredible Humanist At 71

© Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr: A Toast To An Incredible Humanist At 71
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There are billions of people in the world, and only a tiny fraction are billionaires. These are the people who have created phenomenally successful businesses and changed the world in significant ways. One of these privileged few is Nigerian-born uber-billionaire magnate, Dr. Mike Agbolade Adeniyi Adenuga Jnr. 

Of course, this special human being has his own peculiar quirk —a special kind of primal energy— which formed a big component of his successes: love for the people. That's his own winning formula. 

For the ultra-wealthy businessman, he loves being a very simple but an invincible and intriguing man.

By nature, Adenuga likes his life easy and cool. As a man of peace, he understands the principles of winning. His entrepreneurial success can be compared to performing as a great athlete in an Olympic arena. As an Olympian, you don’t enter by luck but in the game to match wits against others with your entire innermost recesses becoming combative in a synchronized zeal to achieve. With this strategy, you are never going to come off the arena as a loser. 

The Apesin Ola is arguably one of the few biggest contemporary philanthropists on the continent. He is as generous, collaborative, and lovable as he is innovative and brilliant. 

There is no gainsaying that the Globacom Founder has a large heart and loves to see others succeed. He has an innate belief that behind every success story are others helping to make it happen. And that's why Adenuga unrestrainedly redistributed most of his money like he did every now and then.

Today, Monday 29 April, to the Glory of God Almighty, Dr. Adenuga turned 71. 

As some insiders have said, Adenuga's main wishes --including that of many of us his admirers-- is GOOD HEALTH and LONGEVITY. And God Almighty answers his prayers as he is said to be healthy, vibrant and strong. This further reinforces the billionaire's kind nature and good deeds. 

As someone not given in to loud celebrations of birthdays, this Africa’s greatest philanthropist hopes to remain that exceptionally private but busy man who spends his time creating wealth as well as helping humanity to live a very good life.

His plate is always full with all sorts of requests. As God blesses him, he blesses others too. And he has been rewarded not only for all his good deeds but for excellence in business severally. 

Wherever you are today, please fill your glass and let us toast to the good health and longer life of this incredible achiever fondly called The SPIRIT OF AFRICA🥂


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