CEO News ; The Real Oil Thieves Are Bigwigs In Abuja, Lagos Masterminding Theft In Niger Delta Region”, Dickson Reveals

The Real Oil Thieves Are Bigwigs in Abuja, Lagos Masterminding Theft In Niger Delta Region”, Dickson Reveals

© The Real Oil Thieves Are Bigwigs in Abuja, Lagos Masterminding Theft In Niger Delta Region”, Dickson Reveals
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Senator Seriake Dickson representing Bayelsa West in the National Assembly has dropped a bombshell, alleging that some bigwigs from Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, are the brains behind oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

Dickson, a two-time governor of Bayelsa State alleged that the said top officials are the ones buying arms and ammunition for youths, which they use to perpetrate the crimes.

The lawmaker, who has been in the red chamber since 2020, was a guest on Inside Sources with Laolu Akande, a socio-political program that was aired on Channels Television on Friday.

Dickson said: “Why should a country like Nigeria that has been producing oil, exporting oil for the past 70 years not have a scientific way of metering, recording what leaves, what is pumped, what is sold and what is not sold? And it’s deliberate.

“It’s not a Niger Delta thing; it’s just happening there and, unfortunately, it has destroyed communities because there is too much illegal money, illegal arms, illicit drugs and it has fuelled cultism because people want to get the loyalties of young people to be able to hold territories where oil facilities are. They need weapons and young men that are always high on drugs. Do you think a man who slaughters and cuts off a man’s head and dismembers him is normal? So, those are people who are actively on drugs.

“People from Abuja and Lagos are the masterminds and the official system is not ignorant and not innocent. The official security system, the official oil system, the official federal system, all of it in its entirety. It’s a criminal, powerful system.”

He said just as the world formed a consensus against stolen blood diamonds, a global consensus should be formed that makes the international community reject stolen crude oil from Nigeria.

Dickson called for strong political will on the part of leaders at all levels to stop the menacing trend of oil theft.

The New Diplomat reports that oil theft has become a cancer in Nigeria for years with unimaginable volumes of oil being lifted by some cabals in the oil sector. In 2022, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited said it uncovered an illegal oil connection operated for nine years with about 600,000 barrels per day of oil lost in the same period.

According to some reports, about 108,000 barrels of crude are stolen daily in Nigeria. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries which Nigeria is a member estimates that the country lost 2.3 million barrels monthly, amounting to over $1 billion every three months.dipolmat


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