CEO News ; FG To Crackdown On Fake University Certificates

FG To Crackdown On Fake University Certificates

© FG To Crackdown On Fake University Certificates
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Nigeria’s Education Minister, Tahir Mamman, has announced plans to tackle the proliferation of fake university certificates in the country, stating that security agencies will soon be directed to apprehend individuals found with counterfeit credentials.

Speaking at the inaugural quarterly citizens and stakeholders’ engagement in Nigeria’s education sector in Abuja on Tuesday, April 2, Mamman assured Nigerians of transformative changes in the education sector with the unveiling of a 13-pillar roadmap.

Highlighting the importance of proper planning, particularly at the basic level, Mamman emphasized the need to establish a reliable and authentic database to facilitate skills acquisition and development while reducing the number of out-of-school children.

Mamman unequivocally stated, “I have no sympathy for such people,” referring to individuals with fake certificates. He asserted that they are part of a criminal network and should be apprehended. Mamman also outlined plans to extend the crackdown beyond Nigeria’s borders, targeting countries like Benin, Togo, Uganda, Kenya, and Niger, where institutions facilitating the production of fake credentials are known to operate.


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